Adopt a prototyping mindset and the associated skills to empower teams and individuals in the development of new products and services.



Interaction Design is the practice of designing how people use and relate to technology, systems, and objects from a human perspective. It focuses on theory and techniques that help us make things that are meaningful, useful, and usable for people based on their context and needs. This workshop focuses on interaction design foundations, history, critique, aesthetics, and contemporary issues in a studio environment. It provides a great intro to new practitioners as well as an in-depth exploration of interaction design foundations for experienced designers.


The workshop is ideal for people with little to no previous experience, but a strong desire to learn and experiment with hands-on techniques, and for anyone who wishes to explore the practice of Interaction Design in both a theoretical and practical way.

If you are coming from another design discipline this will be a great intro to what makes interaction design unique. If you have never done any design before, you will get a chance to learn the basics of how to work like a designer as well as the detailed context of interaction design specifically.

How will I learn?

Each day a new prototyping technique will be introduced through hands-on learning, building on previous techniques. Participants will learn when and how to apply various prototyping processes to different stages of a project.

What will I learn?

• Why we prototype and the value of different prototyping techniques

• A framework to understand the prototyping process

• How to know what level of fidelity (low, mid, high) to use for a prototype

• Paper prototyping for early-stage discovery and idea generation

• How to use Marvel to rapidly create interactive prototypes

• How to use role playing and video storytelling techniques to build empathy and communicate your idea

• Design foundations, theory, history, and practice

• Sketching, concept models, and more design techniques

• Giving and receiving critique

• How to be creative within constraints

• How to practice creativity, design synthesis, and more, in a hands-on studio environment

• Working both individually and in small teams


Oct 14
Oct 18
October 18, 2024
5 Days
Bergamo, Italy