In addition to our offerings in design education and professional services, CIID hosts a unique global community of design, technology and business experts. Our network of over 500 CIID alumni, faculty, and partners includes senior design practitioners at many of the world’s leading technology companies and social impact organisations, as well as respected thought leaders and promising recent graduates.
We invite corporations and foundations that share CIID’s vision and values to join this remarkable community.
Membership in the network brings a variety of benefits that showcase the unique range of talent in the CIID community. As members, your team will receive:


Invitations to all CIID community events for up to five team members, including:
  • a chance to attend (in-person or virtually) a preview of exhibitions from students graduating from each Interaction Design Programme class
  • an opportunity to introduce your team’s current work to the Programme’s graduating class
  • CIID-hosted events, such as those held in conjunction with Design Week in Milan
  • local events held in conjunction with CIID pop-up schools at locations around the world


Up to five “match-making” meetings per year (in-person or virtually), with talent from CIID’s global Network, facilitated exclusively for CIID members by our Membership coordinator. These are an unparalleled opportunity to get to know potential applicants for open roles, and get a sense of their fit with your team.


Priority access to book space at our campuses in San Jose, Costa Rica and Bergamo, Italy for your own events, workshops and meetings.

4. onsite EVENT

One half-day “Inspiration Onsite” event per year, organised by CIID staff at our Bergamo location, for a team of up to 40 people.
The most valuable benefit of all, though, is the connections CIID Members make with like-minded experts, who are passionate about design and its potential to transition us to a more regenerative future.
For corporations, membership in the Network can be a rich and reliable source of new talent, new ideas, and new partnerships—with CIID alumni and other Members. And for foundations, the Network can also reveal unique new investment opportunities and initiatives that align with their own values.
Membership fees are €20,000 per team, per year. Please contact for further details, and to inquire about joining.