Let's dive into the world of rapid prototyping — a game-changing process for communicating, refining, and validating ideas and concepts.



This workshop focuses on the value of prototyping quickly and often, regardless of previous design experience. It introduces different prototype fidelities, tips and tricks, and processes for planning and measuring the success of a prototype. We'll demonstrate how to prototype at different scales, from interfaces, to products, to entire services.

Join us for an immersive learning experience that will help you go from idea to impact in record time.


This course is foundational and ideal for people with little or no previous experience but a strong desire to learn and experiment with hands on techniques.

How will I learn?

Each day a new prototyping technique will be introduced through hands-on learning, building on previous techniques. Participants will explore the pros and cons of different techniques and learn when and how to apply different prototyping processes to different stages of a project.

Working in teams, participants will quickly learn to think and communicate through prototypes, deconstruct problems, and create and test new ideas. We will prototype to increase curiosity, engagement and participation across a team, learn directly from our target audience, identify possible friction-points early on, and easily communicate a design vision.

What will I learn?

  • Why we prototype and the value of different prototyping techniques
  • A framework to understand the prototyping process
  • Understand what level of fidelity (low, mid, high) is appropriate for different project phases.
  • Paper-prototyping for early-stage discovery and idea-generation
  • How to use Figma to rapidly create interactive prototypes
  • How to use role-playing and video storytelling techniques to build empathy and communicate your idea.
  • How to gather user feedback on prototypes.

What should I bring?

You only need to bring yourself, a computer, a mobile phone and an open mind!


Martina Pagura

Martina Pagura is a seasoned UX and product design lead with a proven track record of guiding teams across a spectrum of enterprises, from startups to corporate giants such as HP, Cookpad, Telefonica and KoaHealth. Her leadership philosophy revolves around empowering every team member to unleash their unique talents in service of a shared mission.  

Key to her success is her knack for crafting compelling, user-centric product visions and supporting teams in translating these visions into tangible outcomes.Martina firmly believes in the power of real-world engagement and human interaction as the ultimate sources of inspiration for driving innovation.She thrives on exploring novel concepts that aim to foster new lifestyles and behaviours.

Martina's design philosophy is anchored in forward-thinking, leveraging emerging technologies to revolutionize traditional approaches. With a decade of experience exploring the frontiers of machine learning and AI, she stands ready to push the envelope even further.Martina thrives in the fast-paced environment of startups, recognising that bridging user needs with actionable solutions is the cornerstone of product success.

Her true joy? Acting as a catalyst within her teams, unraveling complex challenges to deliver user-friendly solutions.Martina's educational journey spans across Europe, encompassing Italy, France, and Copenhagen. It's here where she honed her skills across a spectrum of design disciplines, methodologies, and perspectives.

Through her diverse experiences, Martina has cultivated a critical perspective on applying design principles to different contexts and industries. Armed with a robust skill set, she leverages her expertise to bring ideas to fruition and leads teams toward delivering impactful products.

Shamik Ray

Shamik is a Design leader at Spotify in Stockholm, where his team builds listening experiences enjoyed by millions of people around the globe every day. His expertise lies in product design, strategy, and creative leadership.

He is an alumnus of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. With a career spanning startups to big brands, he is passionate about connecting his diverse interests in technology, design, philosophy, and leadership into beautifully crafted products and building happy design teams along the way.

Additionally, he has served as a visiting faculty for the CIID Summer Schools in Costa Rica, Copenhagen, Kochi, and Tokyo.

Shamik's work has been published in reputable online publications such as Wired, TechCrunch, and Vice, and exhibited at the Maker Faire in Rome and the Science Museum in London.

When not working, he takes a keen interest in creative pursuits such as perfumery, writing, noodling on his guitars, and inventing games with his two toddlers.


Jul 1
July 5, 2024
5 Days
Pune, India