Official Opening of Cascina Convento

Alie Rose
June 2024

CIID is pleased to announce the completion of renovations at the Cascina Convento within Bergamo's historic Monastero di Astino complex. The extensive work by the MIA Foundation has transformed this 12th century gem into an extraordinary learning space, ready to accept the incoming cohort of our Interaction Design Programme in September.

With construction complete, we now prepare the interior for CIID's world-class Interaction Design Programme. Outfitting is underway with furnishings and state-of-the-art equipment.

This milestone was made possible by the MIA Foundation, the Bergamo municipality, and many others who contributed expertise in breathing new life into this centuries-old structure. CIID is immensely grateful for establishing our new home within the Monastero di Astino's splendid, historically-rich environment.

The official opening of this space marks the start of an exciting new chapter for CIID, reinvigorating our passion for design education and innovation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming cohort of the IDP starting in September 2024 in Bergamo, and about the “per Merito” honour loan recently announced in partnership between CIID and Intesa Sanpaolo, please refer to the IDP section.